Instructions on setting up Ticket Tool in your server.

For making Ticket Tool work properly at your server there is a group of basic steps you must follow:

Doing this process requires two elements: ▸ A Discord Server ▸ Having Administrator permission in that server

Step One:

Invite the bot using the Official Invite, make sure you do not edit the permissions the web page will ask for the bot as they are completely needed for it's functioning.


Step Two:

Let's create a role which will be able to answer to your tickets, we'll call this a Support Team role, if you don't have a defined role for this, such as a Staff role or a Moderator role, go into your Server Settings, then click on Roles, and create a new role, you can name this role as you prefer, remember to Save Changes after you're done editing the role settings.

Creating a Support Team Role

Step Three:

Log in to the Dashboard on a new tab. Click on the Manage button that you will find under your server profile picture and name. After that, on the left part of your screen you should see the Navigation bar, click on Panel Configs

Note: If you are on mobile, you should click on the three line menu you will find on the left top corner to display the Navigation menu.

Step Four:

Let's create the core of your ticket, the panel. While being on the Panel Configs page, click on the green button labeled Create Panel, this will display a pop-up as shown:

Creating a Panel

Panel Name → Can be whatever you want, examples of common names are: Support, Report a User, Shop, it's up to you to decide on this field.

Step Five:

Using the blue Send button, select the channel you want your panel to be sent to and confirm the action by clicking on the green Send button:

Sending a Panel

Which channel should I use?

A common practice most servers have is to create a specific channel to send their panel(s) to, most of them make them a read-only channel in order to make it easier for to users find the panel in the server. Common names used for this channel are Support, Tickets, Contact Staff, as the Support Team Role name, it's your decision on what the channel should be named.

And with this, you are all set up to use Ticket Tool 🎊 test out and click on the Create Ticket button to create your first ticket!

What's Next?

If you want to customize the message of the panel, the ticket message, the support team roles, or any other aspect, go into the Panel Configs Documentation to get additional information on customizing the bot.

Need Further Help?

Feel free to open a ticket in our Support Server and one of the members of our Support Team will help you out.

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