Thread Style Tickets

Editing the permissions for roles and users in tickets

To access these settings:

Head to your Dashboard Select your server Go to the Panel Configs Tab Under Ticket Creation, click on Thread Style Options

Hey! You've came across an Premium exclusive setting 👀

This is a BETA feature that's being tested, thus it may change at any moment with any prior notice.

To implement this feature you'll server must comply the following requirements:

  1. Having a Boost Level equal or higher than 2

  2. Ticket Tool needs to have Create Private Threads, Send Messages in Threads, and Manage Threads permissions.

Enable thread style ticket creation

This setting will make the rest of the settings below to be usable by your ticket panel.

Can non-mods invite people to this ticket?

When enabled, users that don't count with any of the Support Team Roles will be able to also invite users to the thread.

Auto add team to thread

Enabling this setting will automatically mention your Support Team Roles in order to add them to the thread

Channel to create your ticket threads under

The channel selected here wil be the parent channel for all of the thread tickets created for the selected panel.

The following features aren't compatible with the Thread Style Ticket options:

Make sure to always save changes using the pop-up shown whenever a change is done.

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