Server Configs

Modifying the core settings of your server.

To access these settings:

Head to your Dashboard Select your server Go to the Server Configs Tab

Server Configs

Here you will be able to edit the core configurations of Ticket Tool in your server, first of all, let's get to the Server Configs page:

General Options

Command Prefix

  • The prefix for all bot commands

If you update your prefix to ! then your help command will be !help, by default the bot's prefix will be $.

Dashboard Roles

  • Select the roles that will be able to edit the whole dashboard settings, this is different from a Support Team Role as explained in the General Options Documentation

Blacklist Roles

  • Users with one of this roles won't be able to use any command nor interact with Ticket Tool's buttons.

A common practice is to blacklist roles related to sanctions in the server, such as Muted role, this in order to prevent moderation problems.

Global Ticket Limit

  • This is the maximum amount of tickets a single user can have opened across all your panels simultaneously.

Premium Bot

Ticket Tool is a free Discord bot! Nonetheless you can access to more features by subscribing to our Premium Plan here, being a Premium User will give you the possibility to use the premium bot! Which will have better response times as it is used in a fewer amount of servers than the primary bot.

If you want to use the premium bot, make sure to invite it using the Invite Premium Bot button in your Server Configs and selecting Ticket Tool#6207 (Premium Required) in the bot selector, finally, Save changes and you are good to go!

If you have an active premium subscription in your server, you can choose between using the Free bot or the Premium one! All features will work in any of the bots as long as you keep your subscription.

If you moved from the free bot to the premium one, make sure to resend your panels with the premium one as the free one won't be able to communicate with the premium one.

Server Storage Options

Discord has a 2,000 channel creation limit per server, per day. On the other side your server can only have 500 channels at the same time! If your server has a massive usage of our bot you should consider using this feature to avoid reaching theses limits!

Storage will clear your deleted tickets and place them into a category waiting to be used as part of new tickets, once a ticket is deleted all the messages are purged as well as the settings in order to make it usable for the bot in a potential new ticket!

Storage Categories

All the channels belonging to these categories will be recycled by the bot to be used as new tickets!

All channels, regardless if tickets or not will be recycled as long as they are in a Storage Category

Config Backup & Restore (Server Owner Only)

One of the most special features Ticket Tool counts with is the ability to transfer the bot's configuration on one of your servers to a new one with out the need of going manually setting by setting, this is what we call Backup and Restore. You can transfer your panels and custom commands!

If you had a timed premium key you will need to contact our Support Team to transfer the remaining time into your new server

Take into account that your tickets will NOT be transfered to the new server, you should save the transcripts of the tickets if you want to keep their contents.

For using this feature you must be the server owner

Creating a backup

Follow these steps to properly create a backup:

  1. Log into the Dashboard

  2. Click on Manage under the server you want to create a backup for

  3. Open the Server Configs

  4. Go into the Config Backup & Restore (Server Owner Only) section and Generate New Key

You should only create a key once, the bot will copy the active settings of the key whenever it's used, you should only consider to create a new key if you think it has been compromised.

Keep this key safe, we recommend to have it outside of your Discord server in case it gets deleted.

This process is also explained as shown here:

Restoring backups

To use a backup key, you should go into the Dashboard of the server to which you want to transfer the information, and head into the Config Backup & Restore (Server Owner Only), now place the restore key in the Restore from backup key, then select the settings you want to copy into the new server, and finally click Restore Configs.

With that, all the selected configurations will be taken into the new server without you doing it one by one, enjoy the bot in your new server 😄

Restoring a Backup illustrative GIF:

Make sure to always save changes using the pop-up shown whenever a change is done.

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