General Options
General settings for your panel

Support Team Roles

Here, you can specify which roles should be given access to tickets made using this panel, and will have access to support-team only actions, like use of the mod panel and claiming commands.
  • You can change the permissions your support team are given in Dashboard > Panel Configs > Permission Options​
  • Changes will only apply to new tickets.

Additional Roles

You can specify another group of roles here, that can be assigned different permissions than your support team and the user who opened a ticket. This can be used, for example, to add a role that can see inside all tickets but not write in them.
You can change the permissions these roles receive in tickets in Dashboard > Panel Configs > Permission Options. Changes will only apply to new tickets.

Attached Panels

Multipanels are a Premium feature πŸ’Ž that allow for a single panel with multiple buttons to open different tickets.

How Do I create a Multipanel?

Multi-Panels can be created in 2 different ways. The first is VIA the Attached Panels feature on the dashboard, or VIA the $panel command, explained here.​
Multi-Panels on the Dashboard
Just head over to your dashboard, select a panel you want to attach your other panels to, and input them into the Attached Panels feature!
Note: if you're attaching all the panels to a panel called English, don't include English in the attached panels box (If you do this, it will create a duplicate button)

Ticket Values

Ticket Limit

This number is how many tickets each user can have open at once in this panel. Only open tickets are counted, and this is per-panel, per-user.
Although Ticket Tool doesn’t have a global limit on the number of tickets, Discord does.
  • A server can have 500 total channels and tickets combined.
  • Each category can have 50 channels inside before it overflows. If you find that tickets are being created/moved to the top of the server, then your category most likely has 50 channels. It would be advised to delete channels within the category or assigning a new category.

πŸ’Ž Ticket Padding

This feature is exclusive for our Premium Users​
Ticket padding changes the length of the {count} variable which can be used in ticket messages, names etc. It will pad out the length with 0s to fit the lenghth specified here
If the Ticket Padding value is smaller than the length of the current count value, no padding will occur and the current count value will be used as it is.
Padding Value
Ticket Count Value | {count} value
5 | 5
No padding needs to occur, the padding value is the same as the length of count
5 | 05
The padding value is greater than the length of the count, so a 0 is added
5 | 005
This time, 2 zeroes are added to make {count} 3 characters long
42 | 42
Since the count is longer than the padding value, no padding occurs and the {count} is the current count
42 | 42
Again, no padding needs to occur
42 | 0042
Two zeroes are added to make {count} 4 characters long
1025 | 1025
Again, no padding occurs, count is too long, so {count} is set to the count value

Ticket Count

Here, you can change the current ticket count. After changing it, {count} will change to the value you specify, then it will countinue from there, going up by 1 each time a ticket is made.
You can use this, for example, to reset the count to 0. You might also want increase the count to the value it was if you are moving to a new server.

Two Step Close

When enabled, upon pressing the close reaction, users are given a chance to confirm their choice before the ticket is closed. They are given a confirm close and deny close reaction before the ticket is actually closed.
Two step close
If you want tickets to close as soon as πŸ”’ is pressed, turn this option off.

Two Step Ticket

When enabled, tickets have an intermediate β€œClosed” state, between being open and deleted. In their closed state, a Mod Panel is visible to your support team, including options to save a transcript, reopen the ticket, and delete it.
Mod Panel
You can also change the permissions of the Support Team and the User individually in closed tickets. By default, when a ticket is closed it is hidden to the user, and only the support team can view and send messages in it. You can change these permissions in Dashboard > Panel Configs > Permission Options​
  • If you want tickets to be instantly deleted when closed, instead of going into a closed state, disable this option. This is useful if you find you have many closed tickets piling up, and filling up your server.

Auto Pin Ticket

When enabled, the bot will automatically pin the ticket messsage, at the top of the ticket. This is useful in long tickets, as you can use pins to jump to the ticket message, and access the Close and Claim buttons.
Now you’ve edited some settings, make sure to press the green β€œSave” button