Button Options
Customizing your ticket buttons.
Opening the Button Options Menu
In this menu you'll be able to edit the setting for the 8 buttons a ticket can have. Let's get into it

Button Customization

To edit a button, after you are in the Button Options menu, click on ⚙ Settings and that will display a menu similar to this:
Button Options
  • Support Team Only → Makes this button exclusive for users who have a Support Team Role.
  • Enable Button → Disabling this will make the button to not appear in next tickets.
  • Show emoji in button → This will hide the emoji of the button and will only show the text.
  • Allowed Roles → Users that have a role from this selector will be able to use this button.
  • Disabled Roles → Any user with a role from this set won't be able to use the button you are editing.
If users has both an Allowed and a Disabled role, they will be able to use the button. The Allowed Role will override the Disabled one.

Further Customization

Take into account that the customization of the incoming features is exclusive for the Premium users!
  • Emoji → You can choose also choose the buttom emoji, if you want to use a custom emoji head to the section.
  • Button Text → Customize the message you want to be displayed in your button!
  • Button Color → Choose among the 4 colors Discord has for your button.
Make sure that after editing the options you click on the Save button so changes are logged into our database.