Failed to Create

5169a0fe-f50c-11ed-a05b-0242ac120003 hash errors, causes and solutions

About the Error

This error is caused by Ticket Tool being unable to create the ticket properly:

This error is likely caused by Ticket Tool lacking permissions:

  • It can be missing one of it's essential permissions on it's role, the given category or a specific channel

  • It is missing a permission you assigned using the Permission Options in your Dashboard


To solve this you can:

  1. Use the /debug command to diagnose which core permissions the bot is using, the permissions marked with are the ones the bot is missing:

  1. Visiting the Dashboard in the Permission Options tab to identify which permissions the bot is trying to assign, set some to null in order to figure out which permission is being conflictive!

If after this you haven't been able to solve the error, reach out to our Support Team

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