Command Style Tickets
Creating tickets via commands!
Besides using the button of your panel, Ticket Tool offers your server the possibilty to use commands to create tickets, not only for you, but for other users, this meaning that you can actually create tickets in another user behalf using this feature!! Let's get into it
Opening the Command Style Menu
Let's check all the options we count on this menu:
Command Style Ticket Options
First of all, we must enable the feature for it to actually work, for doing that make sure to mark as ON the Enable Command Style ticket creation switch and then Save changes.
Now that you have enabled this module, you have access to use the $new and $ticket commands! These commands have two arguments you can use when running them:
$new User Reason
Note that User can be either the ID or a mention to the user you want to open a ticket in behalf of. These two commands allow you to use the {reason} variable inside your tickets!
So for example if I used:
$new 518666147441278998 Testing
Ticket Tool would open a ticket for the user with ID 518666147441278998 with the {reason} variable being "Testing"
Now that you know the basis of the command style tickets, let's get into the rest of settings you can apply to it:
  • Bypass channel list and watch all of them → By enabling this option, whenever someone uses the $new or the $ticket command in a channel the bot has access to, it will create a ticket!
  • Channel to monitor for command $new and $ticket → This is the opposite of the previous option, you can actually select in which channels Ticket Tool should look for the $new command instead of looking in the whole server.
  • Delete command after creating ticket → Finally you may want your command to be deleted after the ticket is created, if so, enable this feature and save changes.
It is suggested to keep this feature enabled in a given list of channels in order to prevent your users causing disorder by running this command anywhere on your server.
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