Form Options

Questionaries for ticket opening!

To access these settings:

Head to your Dashboard Select your server Go to the Panel Configs Tab Under Other, click on Form Options

Enable form

When enabled, before the ticket is created the user will receive a prompt to fill up your customized questionary.

Auto display results

Enable this feature to attach an embed automatically to your Ticket Message which includes the responses summary for this form.

Form Options

  • Form Title → The title that will be displayed at the top of the form interaction.

  • Question Title → The question or phrase the user will input an answer based on.

  • Question Placeholder → The placeholder, or guide text, for the input field

  • Required → Wether the selected question should be mandatory before sending the form, or not.

  • Multi-line Input → Wether to display the input field as a multi-line field, or not.

  • Minimum Input → The minimum required amount of characters to be taken as a valid response, leave empty for 0.

  • Maximum Input → The maximum amount of characters that should be used when responding to a form, leave empty for 4000

Note that you'll be able to add up to 5 individual questions per each form


If you are new to Discord's application commands and it's terminology you may found this quick visual guide useful to understand which text will be placed on the user's view

Response Usage

To access the user's response to your question(s) you'll need to use it's corresponding {create.form.x} variable in your Ticket Message!

Make sure to always save changes using the pop-up shown whenever a change is done.

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