Server Info

Information given by the Server Info page.

To access these settings:

Head to your Dashboard Select your server Go to the Server Info Tab

This part of the dashboard will show you a brief resume of your server's Ticket System information. But, first of all

How can I access my Server Info? By default whenever you open your server's dashboard, it will get you here. As reference:

Once you are in the Server Info you can see three panels: Ticket Info, Bot Permission Info and Server Info.

Tickets Info

This will display the current amount of opened tickets you got on your server.

Bot Permission Info

Here you will see which permissions the bot current counts with on your server. The permissions marked with a * are mandatory for the proper work of the bot.

Here you can't edit the bot's permissions if it's missing one. To do that you should head to your Server, open it's Settings and in the Roles window edit the permissions the bot has.

Server Info

Finally you'll be able to see general stats of your server as shown above.

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