Moderator Options

Moderator messages and their customization

To access these settings:

Head to your Dashboard Select your server Go to the Panel Configs Tab Under General, click on Moderator Options

Premium Features

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Closed Message

Here you'll be able to customize the message sent by Ticket Tool whenever a ticket is closed, by default the message will be:

Opened Message

Here you can edit the message sent by Ticket Tool whenever a ticket is reopened, by default the message will be:

More customization

Moderator Message

Whenever a ticket is closed Ticket Tool will send a moderator message containing by default the [Reopen], [Delete] and [Transcript] buttons, to customize them check our Message Buttons documentation. The default moderator message is shown below:

Delete Message

As soon as a ticket is set to be deleted Ticket Tool will send the following default deletion message, which you can customize:

Both the Moderator and Delete messages can be widely customized by being Premium server, nonetheless you can edit the embeds' description up to 250 characters for free!

Make sure to always save changes using the pop-up shown whenever a change is done.

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