Ticket Options
General information and instructions regarding the Ticket Options.
In Ticket Options, you can edit features regarding the ticket itself! These features include but are not limited: the Ticket Name in the Opened and Closed state, the Ticket Message, and the Close Ask Message!

Ticket Message

Here, you can set the message that the bot sends at the top of every new ticket.
It should be good to note that some features are 💎 Premium only, marked by a red diamond, while others are for free users and premium, marked with a white diamond. Some features within the ticket message have a specific character limit for free users and premium users. The chatacter limit is shown at the bottom of the box.

Close Ask Message

Here, you can edit the message that is sent once you press on the Close button. Ticket Tool, by default, will send "Are you sure you would like to close this ticket?". You can edit the message text for free, while all the other components of the message are locked for premium users.
Two Step Close, which is located in General Options, needs to be enabled for the Close Ask Message to appear and function.

Premium Features

💎 Ticket Opened Channel Name

Here, you can set the name of newly created tickets. People who have access to using the $rename command can always rename tickets after they have been made.

💎 Ticket Closed Channel Name

Here, you can set the name tickets are changed to when they are closed.
Three things to note regarding these features:
  • You can only ping users and roles in the Message Text box, not the Embed Text box.
  • You might want to check out the Supported Variables you can use, for example to ping a role or user, or automatically fill in other information about your server.
  • If someone has renamed a ticket using the $rename command, the name will not be changed when the ticket is closed.
Now you’ve edited some settings, make sure to press the green “Save” button