Solving the most frequent issues

This page covers the most common issues you can face while using Ticket Tool

Ticket Tool doesn't answer

  1. Run $debug on the channel you are trying to run Ticket Tool commands, if the bot has minimum perms it will either send a embed marking with the permissions it's missing to work properly. If it can't send it to the channel due to permissions, but it received the command it will DM you the debug embed.

  2. Go to your Server Configs and look at your Blacklisted Roles, Ticket Tool will ignore anyone who has any of those roles.

Blacklisting @everyone will result in Ticket Tool being unresponsive to commands to any user.

  1. Within the Server Configs tab check that the bot you have enabled is the one you have on your server. If you selected the premium bot you must count with an active premium subscription.

Ticket Tool leaves my server as soon as I add it

The most common cause for this situation is having a security bot target Ticket Tool which will lead to it being removed or having it's permissions removed. To solve this consult the support team of your bot in order to whitelist Ticket Tool to be removed from your server.

Everyone can see my tickets!

There are two possible reasons for this issue:

  1. The @everyone role being selected as a Support Team Role, this by default will grant access to the tickets. To fix it you can simply remove the role from this set of roles and new tickets should be private again.

  2. The @everyone role opened permissions have granted access to tickets. To fix it mark as the View Channel permission and new tickets will be private.

I can't see my ticket

Discord's integrated View As Role feature will allow you to see how different groups of roles will have access to your server's channels. Even though, this feature isn't reliable for thoroughly testing Ticket Tool considering that the tickets are created based on User roles, and that Roles permissions are only used for Support Team Roles, and Additional Roles.

For testing Ticket Tool as a user we suggest you ask a friend to open a ticket for you as a regular member would do, or use an alternative account to simulate the same process to make sure everything is set properly.

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