Command Configs

Here, you can enable or disable specific commands. You can also set which channels these commands should be used in, and who can use the commands.
Some commands, like $debug and $help, cannot be modified.
This is how you navigate the dashboard to get to Command Configs:

Use the slider by each command to turn it on or off. When it is green, the command is enabled. When red, it is disabled.
When a command is disabled, it can no longer be used by anybody on your server.

For each command, press the grey “Settings” button to modify the permissions of this command.

When enabled, the command can only be run by users with a Support Role in a ticket.

A list of whitelisted channels the command can be run in.
Overrides Disabled Channels

A list of channels the command cannot be used in.

A list of roles that can run the command.
Overrides Disabled Roles

A list of roles that cannot run the command.
Now you’ve edited some settings, make sure to press the green “Save” button
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