Claiming Options
How to set claiming!
Claiming is an exclusive feature of our Premium Plan, make sure you have your subscription assigned to your server so you can enable this module!
Ticket Claiming will permit your Support Team to claim a ticket so they are assigned to it! You can customize what happens whenever a ticket gets claimed and that's what we are going to check, first, open the Claiming Options settings:
Opening the Claiming Options Menu
It may seem as a complex menu to understand, we'll go through each setting so you can master Claiming!
Claiming Options

Enabling Claiming

For making the whole settings to actually work, you must enable claiming for that go into the Enable ticket claiming switch, turn it ON and finally make sure to Save changes.

Customizing Claiming

Now that you have enabled this feature, we'll explain what each option is for:
  • Only the user who claimed can un-claim → As it's name says, this will work to force that only your Support Team who claimed can unclaim the ticket (Users with Administrator permission will always be able to unclaim tickets even with this feature option enabled)
  • Only the user who claimed and ticket owner can use ticket actions (Does not include claim/un-claim) → The same as the previous feature, only difference is that this time it will apply for the ticket user and for all ticket actions! (Except claiming related ones)
  • Enable claim name → You can replace your opened ticket name by an special one for whenever the ticket gets claimed! You can also use certain variables, make sure to check our Supported Variables documentation for more information on it.
  • Enable claim category → With this option you can make Ticket Tool to move the ticket to another category whenever the ticket is claimed.
  • Change other support team permissions when claimed → If you want to hide the ticket automatically for the rest of the team, make it a read only channel for them, or just change a permission they had before, enable and edit the permission set in this option.
  • Claimed Message → Whenever a ticket is claimed it will send the default claim message, for editing it, update this message.
  • Unclaimed Message → Update this message to edit the message sent by the bot when a ticket is unclaimed.
Make sure to click on the Save button after you update your settings so they are properly saved on our database.