Limit Options

Limits for Ticket Panels!

To access these settings:

Head to your Dashboard Select your server Go to the Panel Configs Tab Under Other, click on Limit Options

Tickets Open

Open tickets each user

This number stands for the amount of tickets a single user can have opened at once in the panel you are currently editing, i.e. only open tickets are counted towards this limit.

Open tickets all users

The amount of tickets this panel can have opened simultaneously.

Roles that bypass open limits

The set of roles that will be able to skip the given limits for open tickets.

Tickets Closed

  • The limits you'll find below are the limits for tickets that are closed but not deleted.

  • These limits are checked when the ticket is about to be created, i.e there can be more closed tickets than your limit depending on your currently opened tickets.

Closed tickets each user

The amount of closed tickets that each user can have at once in the selected panel.

Closed tickets all users

The limit of tickets that can be closed at once simultaneously by all your users in this panel.

Roles that bypass closed limits

The set of roles which will be able to skip the given closed limits.

Time Schedule

Hey! You've came across an Premium exclusive setting 👀

This feature will allow you to set timezones in which your panels should be available to be used by your server members

Enable Schedule

Enabling this feature will apply the schedule for your panel availabilty. Make sure to select the corresponding timezone for your server to prevent any discordance with the selected time frames.

Roles that bypass the schedule

Select the roles that should be exempt from this setting and be able to open tickets regardless of the availability set by the schedule.

Schedule Notification Message

Here you can customize the message the bot will answer with whenever users try to open a ticket out of the times you've selected.

Below this option you can select the custom times using a table.

Note: Although the table is given in 24h format, we've included AM and PM headers to make it easier to select the time frames of your prefence in case you aren't used to this format.

Replace Ticket Message with Schedule Notification Message

Enabling this feature will replace your Ticket Message with the Schedule Notification Message you set earlier. Note that enabling this won't stop the ticket from being created, instead it will create it with a whole different message but the rest of settings will work the same.

Make sure to always save changes using the pop-up shown whenever a change is done.

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