All of your ticket statistics!

To access these settings:

Head to your Dashboard Select your server Go to the Statistics Tab

Panel Ticket Statistics

Displays a list of all your panels, the amount of created tickets till today and the day since the panel has been tracked for statistics.

If you click on a panel's name you'll be able to see the graph for the choosen panel's activity. Here you can customize the lookback for the graph as well as resetting in and changing the average.

Hey! You've came across an Premium exclusive setting 👀 With Premium you can have more than 7 days worth of statistics.

Claimed Ticket Statistics

Here you'll be able to see the stats of claimed tickets, if before a ticket was deleted is unclaimed, the ticket won't get counted towards this stat, only deleted tickets that were left claimed will be counted here. You can click on a user's in order to show their percentage of participation on your server.

Active Ticket Stats

General stats of your panels, which you can filter if you like to.

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