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Ticketing without Clutter

Welcome to Ticket Tool's Documentation Site. Here you'll find all the information you'll need to set up the best ticket system for your Discord server!

What is Ticket Tool?

Ticket Tool is a highly versatile support bot for Discord which started development in 2019.

It allows private support channels, which we call tickets, between your staff team and individual who look for help.

It’s highly customizable, giving you the freedom for it to be the perfect fit for your server.

There is not need of a complex setup, or multiple commands to make simple actions, you can easily interact with the bot using both the Dashboard and the Discord chat commands.

With over 3,000,000+ active servers, 300+ Million users, and 300+ Million tickets to date, you can trust Ticket Tool is going to be a great addition to your server.

About our Docs

In this website you'll be able to have a detailed description of the whole workflow of the bot, for that purpose we have made two categories for you to check:

  • In General you'll have the basic setup for the bot as well as information on its commands, and the FAQs.

  • Dashboard has a full and exhaustive explanation on all the Dashboard features.

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