Adding predifined messages to your server


Tags are used to send a predefined response to your channels using a command. Common uses are FAQs, Help Commands, and General information.
The Tags section shows currently configured tags and allows you to create and edit tags.

Creating a Tag

To create a tag, press the green “Create Tag” button in the top left of the Tags page. When creating a tag, give it a name. This is what people will type to trigger the tag.
Note: The server prefix does not apply here. You should include your own. E.g. A tag named $connect would trigger when someone sends the message $connect. Whereas, a tag named !connect would trigger when !connect is sent.
The tag will only trigger when it’s name is sent, and nothing else.
E.g. A tag named $connect won’t trigger if someone sends: -$connect me -how do I $connect


Press the blue “Response” button to edit or remove a tag.
Premium limits apply to tags as well. Premium-only settings are marked by a red diamond in the response editor. A white diamond indicates that the setting can be used, but has a character/letter limit. This limit doesn’t apply to premium users.

Delete Tag

  • When enabled, the user’s message that triggered the tag is deleted after it is responded to.

DM Response

  • When enabled, the response is DMed to the user who sent the tag message, rather than the response being sent to the channel it was triggered in.

Admins Only

  • When enabled, users with a Dashboard Role, Administrative Permissions, and the Owner can trigger this tag.
Remember, users with a Dashboard Role can edit Ticket Tool’s configurations.


You cannot ping people in an embed, only in Message Text.
An example


Variables, like in panel options, can be used in any text-box to add a piece of information. They're very useful in tags if you need to auto-fill information.
Now you’ve edited some settings, make sure to press the green “Save” button.